Upcoming Tuesday Luncheons

4/2/19 Sarah Bettman, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Constellation Brands, Inc.

"Bias in the Workplace"

Floreano Riverside Convention Center

College Admissions Scandal Panel

Floreano Riverside Convention Center

Peter Lovenheim, Author and Journalist

"The Attachment Effect: Exploring the Powerful Ways Our Earliest Bond Shapes Our Relationships and Lives"

Floreano Riverside Convention Center

Rochester Rotary Events

February 2- Mark Zawacki

February 2- Laurie Robb

February 4- Malik Evans

February 5- Frank Carpenter

February 9- Brian McLaughlin

February 10- Nichole Gantshar

February 12- Dolly Malik

February 13- Lee Juby

February 14- Bliss Owen

February 16- Pete Noto

February 16- Frank Mehlenbacher

February 16- Barney Shaw

February 18- Adam Cebula

February 20- Kim Gaylord

February 20- Patrick McGrath

February 21- Carl Carballada

February 22- Ray Isaac

February 22- J. P. Gleason

February 23- Ron Axelrod

February 25- Gaynelle Wethers

February 25- David Brown

February 27- Lynn Carleton

February 27- Peter Pape

February 27- Lynn Sullivan

February 28- Nick Robfogel

February 28- Carol Anne DeMoulin

February 28- Kevin Knapp

February 28- Adam Bello


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