What is the Rotary Award?

Each year, the Rochester Rotary Club presents its historic Rotary Award to an community member who most exemplifies the motto of Rotary International:

Service Above Self

The first Rochester Rotary Award was presented to Sol Heumann in 1936. Awarded annually since then, the award recognizes a community member who has made significant contributions to others and to our region.

A Rochester Rotary Award Recipient:

• Demonstrates exceptional community spirit.
• Touches the lives of many citizens.
• Serves as a positive role model.
• Promotes a philosophy of Service Above Self.
• Shares wisdom and knowledge to empower others.

Past Recipients

Sol Heumann*
Frank E. Gannett*
Mary L.T. Gannett*
M. Herbert Eisenhart*
Albert H. Wilcox*
Harper & Georgiana Sibley*
Bernard Emmet Finucane*
Raymond N. Ball*
Frank W. Lovejoy*
Edward G. Miner*
Gilbert J.C. McCurdy*
Henry H. Jensen*
Henry D. Shedd*
Albert D. Kaiser*
Alphonse J. Sigl*
Thomas J. Hargrave*
Herbert S. Weet*
Elmer E. Fairchild*
James M. Spinning*
Joseph C. Wilson*
Marion B. Folsom*
Philip S. Bernstein*
John R. Slater*
John W. Remington*
Alexander M. Beebee*
Albert W. Skinner*
Howard Hanson*
Peter Barry*
Mark Ellingson*
Henri P. Projansky*
Ritter & Hetty Shumway*
William S. Vaughn*
Wilbour Eddy Saunders*
Howard T. Cumming*
Mildred Johnson*
Samuel J. Stabins*
Harold L. Oswold*
Mercer Brugler*
Thomas B. Richards* 

 Marion J. & Thomas H. Hawks*
Alexander M. Beebee, Jr.*
Florence Jacoby*
Frederick G. Ray
Andrew D. Wolfe*
Alfred M. Hallenbeck*
Gaylord C. Whitaker*
Bruce & Nancy* Bates
Joseph P. King*
Constance M. Mitchell*
Natacha P. Dykman
Herbert J. Chamberlain*
Burton S. August*
Judith Ann Nielson
Kay R. Whitmore*
Paul A. & Francena Miller
James M. * and Janet A. Deisenroth
Joe U. Posner *
Daniel E. Gill
E. Kent Damon*
Donald W. Alhart
Elliott Landsman*
Diane R. Doniger
Vincent J. Stanley*
Andrews B. Hale*
Joan and Harold* Feinbloom
Martin F. Birmingham*
Harris H. Rusitzky
Dr. Albert J. Simone
Dr. Walter Cooper
B. Thomas Golisano
Matthew Augustine
Nelson and Norman* Leenhouts
R. Carlos Carballada
Robert H. Hurlbut*
Dr. Ralph Pennino
G. Robert Witmer Jr.
Thomas S. Richards

 James B. Isaac
Karen & Andy Gallina
David Flaum
Victor E. Salerno


Nomination Process

Nominations are welcomed and encourage from both non-Rotarians and Rotarians. Please take a moment to review our guidelines and process to ensure that your nominee is considered for this prestigious award.


• Neither nominator or nominee has to be a Rotarian.
• The nominee will be considered for their contributions to the community beyond their vocation.
• The nominee can not currently hold or be running for political office.
• The nominee must live in the Greater Rochester Community.


• Complete the nomination form online. (SAMPLE ESSAYS)
• Submit letters from additional supporters of your nominee. (While we are sure your nominee has many advocates, please send no more than three letters.)
Deadline for submission is Thursday, February 28, 2019.
• Supporter letters should be sent to:

Rochester Rotary Award Committee
Rochester Rotary Club
180 Linden Oaks, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14625


• We will send out a letter of confirmation upon receipt of your nomination package.
• Certain nominators may be asked to advocate for their nominees in front of a panel from the Rotary Award Committee.
• The Rotary Award Committee will make its recommendation for the award recipient to the Rochester Rotary Club Board of Directors.
• The Rotary Award nominator and recipient will receive notification in March 2019.
• A special award presentation will take place in the late Spring 2019.
180 Linden Oaks, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14625
Phone: 585-546-7435
      Fax: 585-546-8675