People give to the Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts, Inc. for many different reasons. Most people give to support the charitable works of Rochester Rotary in serving our community members with disabilities and inner city youth. To the right are a variety of ways to give.

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Giving to Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts, Inc.

United Way Donor Option Program
As you consider your support for the Greater Rochester United Way, think about giving to the Rochester Rotary Sunshine Campus by selecting the donor option method.The Sunshine Campus benefits annually from donors, like you, who support the United Way fully with Donor Option #1098 or chose the option to have a portion of their U.W. gift go in support of Donor Option #1098.

Matching Grants Program
Many companies and corporations within the greater Rochester area match employee’s gifts to qualifying charitable organizations. When you make your gift to the Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts, please check with your employer to see if they match gifts. Obtaining a matching gift form and including it with your gift will double your gift at the very least.

Special Event Participation
The Rochester Rotary Club has several fundraising events throughout the year. By supporting an event you benefit by your participation and Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts benefits by your individual or corporate support. Listed below are events held on an annual basis to support Rochester Rotary’s charitable works:The Sunshine Camp Golf Tournament held in late summer at Midvale Country Club The Rochester Philharmonic Gala Pops Concert held in December at the Eastman Theatre

Outright Gifts
This is the easiest method of giving. Gifts of cash may be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Gifts of appreciated stock may be the best method for you personally. If you would like to consider a stock gift, call Tracey Dreisbach, Executive Director, at 585-546-7435, x215. 
Gifts by Bequest
Gifts to the Charitable Trusts can be made through your will. This can be done by designating a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or the entire residue from your estate to the Charitable Trusts upon your death. Through your will make a perpetual gift from which only the annual earnings are spent with the principle remaining intact.

The Pooled Income Fund
The Pooled Income Fund is a plan where you make an irrevocable gift of cash, securities or both to the Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts Inc. fund maintained by the Rochester Area Community Foundation. Quarterly payments are made to you and/or your designated beneficiary for life. Many donors choose two-life agreements so the surviving beneficiary will continue to receive payments for the duration of their life. The principal is then gifted to the Charitable Trusts upon the death of the income beneficiary.

Giving Through Life Insurance
There are three common ways to give life insurance policies to the Charitable Trusts.A fully paid-up life insurance making the Charitable Trusts the owner and beneficiary A life insurance policy with remaining premiums You retain your life insurance policy, but name the Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts, Inc. as beneficiary

Charitable Gift Annuities
This program allows you to make a charitable contribution while still retaining income for yourself. You will receive a charitable contribution deduction for part of the current value of the gift. You will receive a quarterly distribution. The amount of your initial charitable contribution and quarterly distributions are based on your age and the current interest rates. The Gift Annuity Program is administered by the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF).

Charitable Remainder Trusts
You may set up a charitable remainder trusts.  The agreement allows you to receive income for life and the Charitable Trust will receive the remainder of the trust fund upon the death of the life beneficiary. 
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